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Creating this blog was in my mind since a long time. I had the desire to share around topics I care like organizations, humans, management, entrepreneurship, books… I finally put words to this idea following a great decision I’ve made which will definitely impact my way of thinking. That seemed like the right time to start writing.

In fact, it was not a decision I took alone. But rather a family project we’ve built with my wife and kids. We started to feel the desire to change the way we see the life. Making a real step forward in our day to day life. Taking time to open our mind on subjects that matter for us and to which we do not give enough time.

“We’re going to take a break and plan a long journey all together to go further in all that matters.”

This decision was not an easy one. Even if the idea was in our mind for a while, behind the final “Yes we go”, there were many mental steps to go through. On my side, although I knew it would be a great experience, I used to say “It’s not the right moment”. And depending on the point of view, that was true. There were always many challenges to manage in my professional life. As I’ve always worked with envy and learned a lot from my several positions, I got stuck on this view. And I could have stayed there for a long time unless I’ve put clear ideas on what I want.

We could resume our motivation with the following main ideas:

  • Get time to take a step back and get a higher view on subjects that matter
  • Be closer as a family and offer another kind of education to our children
  • Learn other ways of thinking, not only the European one
  • Open our mind, especially on culture, environment and society topics
  • Improve our english and learn other languages

Yes we go

This is probably the main topic I would share by this article: the feeling I’ve had when I made the decision. And before going deeper, just to set up the bases, in the process communication model, I can be categorized by the Thinker personality. I mean … not really the Imaginer one!

Although I deeply wanted to go through this journey, some anchors were difficult to throw away. At the beginning, I tried to find some alternatives : part-time work during the journey, shorter length.

“It was fear about a deep change”

But why looking for alternatives? Listening at my feelings, I finally discovered it was fear. Fear about a deep change in our life. A risk to live something else, something deeply different. That was a great step for me! I started looking at this feeling, trying to find where it came from. When I understood this fear, its origin (a little long from my wife’s perspective :-) ), I could go over. I remember this evening when my mind switched from “we should” to “yes, that’s what I want”. That was the same feeling I had during a French special operation forces training last year. Very different situation but very similar feeling. “I won’t do, no I can’t….clic…yes I can do it, so go, go, go”. And this feeling? I love it now. It just means we create our own barriers. We just have to identify them.

Our moto now : do not plan the journey, let be surprised by the meetings, by the choices we’ll make.I’ve always planned everything, life was like a straight line. Now I want to see what can happen when I take the side roads.


This blog does not intend to count our journey. It’s more of a way to share subjects that matter to me.

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